Source for my 2600 article
Only for Linux

Prime number fun
Prime # via a sieve
Sieve usings bits

UPS monitoring daemon
Very rough

Check Page Updates
Program to check for website updates and popup a gtk window
I used a bash shell script which in turn passes a string to a gtk app upon updates

Shell script
Make sure to chmod +x the script of course, oh and spaces in if's matter b/c shell programming is obnoxious like that.

Gtk Popup

Set it up as a cron job
crontab -e
0 * * * * /home/users/up_check_script
The above would check every hour on the hour

Misc scripts->mp3/wav/etc.
Downsample mp3s to 64kbits for say a rio
Mp3 renamer, strip spaces and nonsense
Convert a cd of mp3s to wav for burning
Split a mix into 5min tracks as wavs
Split a mix into 5min tracks as mp3s

For some of the wav manipuldation you need a program called "wavcut"

Resize those darn photocd .jpgs

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