This page was authored 2005-06-23, amusingly the CVS, OpenBSD, and Linux wireless rants are still just as valid today, 2013-02-27, as then. CVS tip: use git.

1) File mangling on conflicts
2) Allowing commits of conflicted files
3) Painful merges
4) No atomic commits/rollbacks
5) No versioned file/directory renames

Operating Systems

1) Broken wireless (at least I can do promisc ok, but try using kismet)
1b) Ejecting/Reinserting too fast (prism2) gives: "cbb0: Danger Will Robinson: Resource left allocated! This is a bug... (rid=0, type=1, addr=b)"
2) Broken usb keyboard support (discussion to create a multiplexer for keyboard devices like they've done with mice but this has been a discussion going on for 2+ years

1) No prepackaged binary patches

1) No unified 802.11 layer so all drivers recreate it
2) Wireless is a giant PITA
3) No stable mainline kernel

Is there really a point to start this list? I could write a novel, plus windows is involved in my life minimally enough so that I can ignore its stupidity READ: I don't use it

Traffic Lights
1) WTF learn to properly time lights, the whole city has cameras at every friggen light!
2) Mopac and Beecaves: You want to go straight, however you have a red light, but people are going straight in the other direction there is NO reason that your light is red, and still you sit